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AI for Traditional Trade Sales 


Shelf-share counting, Automatic Audit, Order suggestion,

Front-store stock monitoring, Back-store stock monitoring

#FMCG #Auditing #Market research #Stock management

      We see that digital transformation in the FMCG industry has yet reached its full potential. We can help enhance your traditional workflow with our AI-driven product. During each sales teams' visit, our tool enables the Sales & Marketing team to further collect additional data at both front-stores (shelf share, front-store stocks, etc.) and back-stores (remaining stocks, etc.) in real-time, and generate predictions, suggestions, and insights for the obtained data. With real-time execution and 100% area coverage for every store visited across the country, our product lets audit teams at HQ to execute shelf-strategy also in real-time.

100 %

auditable for FMCG shelf-execution strategy

Real time

product-on-shelf monitoring and data collection

Customer monitoring

for retailers

Customer segmentation, Customer behavior analysis

#Retail #Marketing

   Understanding customers is a major key to success in highly competitive industries such as retails. However, unlike online shopping, where retailers can conveniently obtain customers’ information including age, gender, and shopping behavior from sales records, traditional stores may struggle to obtain these customers’ data at large volume. With our cutting-edge image processing algorithms, we help retail owners generate valuable insights from video footages from the stores. Retailers can then know their customers better and further optimize their businesses’ efficiency by personalizing promotions, targeting online advertisements for customers, and re-allocating products for psychologically optimal sales.


new insights generated from physical video


targeted promotion


Autonomous Form Filling

    We can help scale-up the parcel delivery operation with our PosText. Today, when logistics companies receive parcel delivery requests from customers either at their service counters, kiosks, or mobile applications, senders’ and receivers’ information are manually input to their system by humans. This process is one major bottleneck for online merchants since each parcel delivery company has their own registration forms. PosText offers an autonomous way to extract all the required information on the parcel with just a single image, understand the context, and seamlessly fill in all the information in the form and database. Our PosText helps parcel delivery companies attract more users with a faster and more convenient process.

faster parcel registration



Seamless data registration to database

Operational Optimization and Scheduling

Process optimization from data​

#Operation #Data Analytics #Planning

    One of the biggest impacts of AI and Machine Learning is to help executives make better and more accurate decisions based on a massive amount of data. Our partners and we have been working with international companies, local enterprises, and the Thai government to help them efficiently digitalize, optimize and plan their operations. From an enormous amount of data, we create simulators that help decision makers able to explore possibilities of outcomes in each scenario and suggest the most optimal plan for their future operations according to the given circumstances. Currently, we are working with Thailand's biggest oil & gas company to help them strategize and optimize their cash flow for their 50 years construction planning.

30 years

construction planning for Thailand biggest oil & gas company


better alternatives that human expert 

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