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Autonomous UAVs: 3D Mapping, Localization and Self-navigation


One of the biggest hindrances for businesses to utilize UAVs in their operations is that they require GPS. Without GPS, drone pilots must be well-trained in order to control the drones to operate with safety. We aim to accelerate the adoption of UAVs by developing autonomous software that lets the drone create 3D maps while localizing itself inside the environment. In addition to our autonomous path planning algorithm, UAVs can operate by itself anywhere in any industry without human supervision. Our technology has won the 1st prize in UAV Startup 2019. We are now working with many industries such as national defense, fire protection, and warehouses to integrate our technology in order to enhance the potential of UAVs.

Dust Buster:

A/C duct cleaning robot

Robotics Solution


Dust problem is an on-going environmental problem in Bangkok. Office buildings and department stores with shared AC ducts often fail to be cleaned since the cleaning process requires several heavy-duty vacuum cleaners. With our partner, OZT Robotics developed Dust Buster, a small, lightweight robot that could enter small AC ducts and effectively clean them. Dust Buster is 10 times lighter than the AC cleaning system in the market. It can be wirelessly controlled which gives flexibility for the cleaning team to operate smarter, faster and cheaper.


lower cost


Less human in operation


Autonomous without GPS

No Data

communication required during the operation

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