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2018-2019 R&D Project

Artificial Intelligence Association of Thailand

2018-2019 The Unicorn by SVL 

SVL Corporation

UAV Startup 2019 (Dual-use Tech)




Delta Angel Fund 2018

Delta Electronics Thailand PCL

2019 U.REKA

Deep-Tech Focused Incubator


  About us  

      We are based in Bangkok, Thailand with a strong founding team and connections to the academic world. At OZT Robotics, we create the future of how to do business using AI and robotic solutions. The next generation businesses will require less and less human for mundane, repetitive, or dangerous tasks. With our computer vision, machine learning, and data analysis experts, digitizing your business is at your fingertip. The future will demand human to be more creative and versatile than ever. Unlocking human's maximum potential is inevitable. We aim for this future by fusing human, AI, and robotics together on this journey. Let us help you transform your company.

  Our AI solutions  

ARM: Automated Retail Monitoring 

With our custom-made deep learning model for SKU counting inside retails, customers can effectively design their competitive marketing strategies and logistic plans.

Automated Customer Identification

We extract real-time information from the crowd passing by your store for a more effective sales strategy.

PosText : One pic, all info

Our PosText extracts all relevant logistic information from postage label images. Parcel delivery and businesses that still require manual text input from images can now process more efficiently with PosText's technology.

  Our robotics solutions  

Navigating and Recreating the World

Our technology allows drones to create real-time 3D maps of the surroundings, localize self-position, and navigate autonomously in any kind of territory.

Autonomous drone for warehouse inventory management

Autonomous firefighting drone inside factories

We are going to MBZIRC contest

at Dubai in 2020 !

UAVs & Robots

AC duct cleaning and

as-built updating robot

NDT inspection robot

Inventory management 


Panin Pienroj
Nipun Pitimanaaree
Chief Research Officer
Laphonchai Jirachuphun​
Pudit Tempattarachoke
AI & Robotics Engineer

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64/22, Charoen Krung 42/1 Rd, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500


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